Part 1/2: how to create orders using Python and the Etsy + Prodigi APIs

Image via Unsplash

Pro: social & networking opportunities

A visual analysis of Sebastian Vettel’s career in numbers and charts.

Dig into all-time race data, Australian GP lap data, and preseason testing data as part of the March Challenge!

Sports data fans, Start your engines!

Visually analysing direct set pieces in football using StatsBomb Data, R, and Tableau


A summary of the key themes from the Encode Conference exploring data journeys in design, journalism & education.

Using data visualization to measure how Max Verstappen’s young career stacks up against the Formula 1 greats

Max Verstappen racing with Red Bull — photograph by Jake Archibald

My most recent Tableau Public work: I love using Sports data to see trends & patterns through visualization

Exploring the story behind how the chart got its names and its potential use cases

A sample Polar Area Chart created in R using data from

‘The Polar Area chart is similar to a usual pie chart, except sectors are equal angles and…

James Smith

Founder of SportsChord. Interested in sports analytics and visualization.

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